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ANYmal X (explosion proof 4-legged robot) product shot.
As a Reseller Partner of ANYbotics in the USA focusing on Texas and Louisiana for the Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Power sectors, we bring you the latest in cutting-edge autonomous technology for operation rounds and inspection tasks.
ANYmal X (explosion proof 4-legged robot) product shot.
Automated safety applications specifically for Chemical Engineering Inspection.

Introducing ANYmal X

This Swiss-made robot has great advantages and has excellent software for planning missions, gathering and analyzing data, and responding to situations as they occur. The advantage of their leg design includes stability and stair-climbing ability. There are good payload options too.

All of the ANYmal models are waterproof, and the ANYmal X is the world's first four-legged intrinsically safe autonomous industrial robot.  This feature for improved safety around workplaces with a flammability risk has made ANYmal X a clear leader in our industries.

We welcome all of your questions including - what can these robots do? Why do we need them? What is the return on investment on them? How do they interact with people and objects? Are they safe?

Our team knows the standards and practices of our targeted industries and we have been evaluating drone and robotic options thoroughly since 2020. We firmly believe that robots have a role in improved safety and performance of our factories, and we are convinced that ANYbotics has developed a product that is proven and ready for service.

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Driving the future of Refining, Power, and Chemical Process Operations

Automated applications specifically for Petrochemical, Power-generation, and Refining Operations.

Watch Robotics continuously seeks the best practical robots, drones, and sensors for adding value to production facilities in Operations, Mechanical Inspection, Safety, and Environmental Tasks.

We are committed to making safer workplaces and it is important to decrease worker exposure and risk of injuries in hazardous areas.

Safe and Practical Solutions

Eliminating the need for second chances.
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Integrated process-specific inspection sensors
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Robotic solutions that enhance safety while reducing cost
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Industry specific applications made readily available
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Top sensor for ANYmal X

Autonomous Technology

Developing clean software solutions, drone technology, and quadruped payload options for the Petrochemical industry.

Our goal is to bring the best global products and solutions together and coordinate them into usable and effective combined systems.
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Watch Robotics ANYmal
Revolutionizing Petrochemical Operations since 2020

Our Mission

Here at Watch Robotics, we bring the future to you. After decades of working in the chemical industry, we know our way around a chemical plant. We’ve seen the dangers, and the labor, required to perform even the simplest of inspections and security tasks. We believe that automated inspections are the future of the industry, and the most prominent companies have already spent top dollar building teams for these solutions.

But especially for smaller and mid-sized companies, robotics and automated solutions can be an intimidating field to approach

That’s where we come in, to manage that complexity and provide a simple, personally tailored package designed to meet your inspection and security needs. Not only do we partner with the best to bring you cutting-edge automated inspection technology to keep work efficient, but most importantly, we create solutions to keep your workers safe and protect the community.

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Automation on Demand

Globally Sourced Partners and Solutions

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Providing everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach your goals.

Cutting edge automated solutions designed to keep your workers safe.

Partnered with the best cutting edge automated inspection sources.

Offering a strategic approach specifically for smaller companies.

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